Unpacking the Fine Details of Property Styling

Fine Details of Property StylingWhat is Property Styling?

In broad terms, property styling equals house presentation for sale. It is the styling of an existing house or premise in a way that enhances its visual appeal with the objective of selling it at the highest possible price. Specifically, property styling aims at uplifting the exterior and interior features of the house in order to increase its value before the intended sale.  The styling could relate to a family house or an office building. The style of house presentation are dependent on the dominant tastes of the market, the creativity of the stylists, and the budgetary allocation. Experienced property stylists approach the concept of house presentation with the idea of converting the house into an attractive home as a value addition strategy.

Which Styling Options Should You Choose?

In most cases, Property styling focuses on complete decoration of the house in order to convert it into an ideal home that would appeal to potential buyers. Different market segments of the Australian market require certain levels of improvements. As such, it becomes necessary to understand the specifics of the target market in order to adjust the styling accordingly. Experienced property stylists usually work together with real estate agents and the home owners on certain home styling specifics including the selection of the right colour themes of the house. It should not matter whether the house is old-fashioned or modern, gifted stylists will always lift its image to the best standards that match modern preferences. Innovation and creativity are the key factors.
Some of the property styling may limit to redesigning certain areas of the property: the interior spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, the dining area,  bathrooms, or  the exterior of the house such as balconies, verandas and backyards. For instance, the art of styling could entail the replacement of old-fashioned pieces of furniture and replacing them with trendy chairs and tables. Expert stylists have multiple strategies of improving the floors and roofs of a house on sale in ways that match with market expectations. Creative approaches in the arrangement of the patio are a fundamental aspect in the area of house presentation for sale. An insight into some of the dominant trends and fashion of the Australian real estate is an important factor in styling.

Which Details Do Buyers Want in Styling? 

A deeper understanding of property styling should begin with the idea of maximizing the value of the house with impressive make over strategies and techniques that would easily win the hearts of the target buyers. Every home buyer wants beauty, relaxation, comfort and a life style in a new home. Understanding potential buyers’ tastes of life style is the first step to developing the right styling strategy. Whether it is in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, or Gold Coast, people simply want to spend their money on a dream home that promises relaxation, serenity, a positive ambiance, and great beauty. The process of house presentation aims at connecting the potential buyers with the property emotionally and convincing them of real value for their investment.


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