“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”- Will Rogers

First impressions count. Within a matter of minutes of walking into a property, a potential buyer will have already made up their mind as to whether or not this home is ‘the one.’ There are many contributing factors which go into making this decision but a significant one is the way the property has been presented through its furnishings, design and layout. Within the past 5-10 years ‘property styling’ has become a new concept and key process in a real estate sales campaign. So, what exactly property styling? Otherwise known as ‘property staging,’ it is the method in which a team of experienced stylists and removalists assist in the preparation and presentation of a property which is about to go on the market.

Each home has its own unique floorplan and design characteristics which are important to highlight. Therefore, using their knowledge and experience with space and design, a property stylist can determine how to showcase each property to its highest potential.


There are thousands of properties for sale online. Therefore, it is crucial that your property stands out and makes a potential buyer stop scrolling through listings and start swiping through yours. Having an eye-catching marketing campaign leads to more interest and enquiries into your property.

For a buyer, it is the transition from casually viewing images of the property online to physically inspecting it and then making the decision to call it their home. It is important to remember that buyers are viewing and visiting many different properties, so it is important that yours is memorable and stands out from the rest. A beautifully styled property showcases its character and personality and allows potential buyers to emotionally connect with it by visualising themselves living and creating memories in the home. Property stylists don’t just focus on the aesthetics, but they also look for opportunities to maximize the function of each space. Whether that is adding an extra living area or turning an idle corner into a study space, making these adjustments can increase the practicality and potential of the home.


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